The Lecturer's

Who helped us get here

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The Printing Sponsors

Minuteman who supplied the printing materials for the event

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The Students' Union

Who are supplying the pizza for the evening

Thank you to everyone who helped out through out the year both on and off set, in and out of the classroom, from the early starts to the late night panic. Thank you for standing with us and helping make the possible.
— Kayla Verlander and The 2017/18 MA class
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Set One

Birthday Presence

Mirror Image

Photography - Ross Wilson

Editor and Sound Recordist - Scott Wilson

Music - Rafael Abranches

Gaffer - Rob Harvey

The Commute

DOP / 1st AC - Ben Davies / Cameron Reed

Actor - Taylor Bond

Sound Recordest - Sam Walker / Joe Trickey

Editor - Vicky Wheeler

Set Two

Above the Law

DOP -  Alex Critchley

Sound Supervisor - Will Ryan

 Actor - Brydie Monaghan

Actor - Daniel Woods.

Stage Ten

Director - Matthew Ooi

DOP - Adam Knight

Sound - Conor Crawford

Bad Day

Director - Alastair Clayton

Producer - Nick Long

Signed For

Set Three

Lemon Sherbet

The Predicament of Jackson Scott

Canvey Island

Producer - Romy Waller

Director - Isla Ure

DOP - Howard Mills

Editor - Adam G White

Original OST by Moonlands

A Girl’s Guide to the Entertainment Industry

Production Manager- Kora Faithful

DOP/Editor- Elliot Harrison

Sound- Matt Harrison

Composer- Edward Terry


Set Four

Pathologies of Everyday Life

Director - Alex Papathanasopoulos

Cinematography - Petros Nousias GSC

Actor - Chris Scott

Actor - Wesley Jones


Eyes Down

Producer - Sophie Torry-Cook

DOP/Editor - Val Burger

Lighting/DOP/Camera - Tommi Floor

Music - Silas Black

Felicity and Fran

Actor - Claudia Summers