Please join us on September 29th 2018 for the annual MA Script writing Showcase

One afternoon. Sixteen stories. Each one offering a tantalising glimpse of what is to come from this year’s cohort. What started as flickers of ideas in the minds of each budding writer, you’ll see unfold before you this evening in a dynamic collection of work showcasing an incredible amount of hard work, perseverance and talent. From farcical comedy to gritty drama, Shorts and Tees has something for everyone. We’re delighted to share these pieces with you at the University Theatre, and we hope you enjoy watching them as much as we enjoyed creating them.



Join Us


We welcome everyone to join us for the opening of the show!

We will be holding the event in the University Theatre.

We'll have a few snacks and drinks for you before we begin.



Nikki Peace - Birthday Presence - Play

"3 girls forced to spend their birthdays together after a pact their mothers made before the girls were born. Today is their 18th and they’re off camping."

Darren - TBC

Rachel Pownall - Mirror Image - Film

"Celia leads a safe, predictable life with a routine office job until one day a young woman appears in the mirror and leads her down a rabbit hole into to a fantasy world where anything seems possible."

Kayla Verlander - The Commute - Film

"John is your average, well John. For the first day of teaching, John wants everything to go well, but when he wakes up late - everything else seems to be going wrong too. Will he make it on time?"




Jack O’Regan - Above the Law - Film

"A dysfunctional couple tries to decide the best course of action when they accidentally kidnap a policeman"

Douglas Murdoch - Stage Ten Film

 "Stage Ten. This is the final stage of your assessment. If you fail this, you're not meant for law enforcement." 5 minutes. 4 people. Who's lying?"

Chris Dickinson - Bad Day Film

" Simon’s day is about to go badly wrong after he smiles at a girl on the way to work "

Mel Morton - Signed For - Radio

"When newly retired Audrey Water’s is persuaded to sign for a neighbour’s parcel containing ‘important documents’ her day, her carefully planned routine, spins out of control as she struggles to cope with the responsibility of caring for and delivering the parcel."



Grace Woods - Lemon Sherbet - Theatre

" A lemon sherbet is all it took to make me smile. Is all it took to take me.  "

Josh McGrillen - The Predicament of Jackson Scott - Theatre

"Jackson Scott has killed his boyfriend. Finley is dead, but his spirit lives on in Jackson's mind."

Isla Ure - Canvey Island - Film

"Loveable but reckless mum, Ronnie, kidnaps her daughter, Summer, from foster care and takes her to a childhood haunt in search of a new life."

Gabrielle Finnegan - A Girl’s Guide to the Entertainment Industry - Film

"A sketch show satirising the challenges women face in the industries of music, TV, politics and theatre."



George Zafeiropoulos - Pathologies of Everyday Life - Film

"On the night of their 10-year high school reunion, two class pariahs end their drinking binge with a nightcap at a scenic spot and a tied and gagged theatre teacher in the trunk of their car."

Mãdãlina Marin - Triptych - Film

"Aaron tries to persuade his boyfriend, Tommy, to help him secretly cremate Katie’s body, a girl with whom he’s been romantically involved in the past."

Rebecca Wilcox -  Eyes Down - Film

" An assistant teacher at a young women's school is confronted by his bloody past when an old student returns to detention. "

Kate Stokes - Felicity and Fran - Film

Felicity and Fran live in the same house but exist in very different worlds"